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Studio V Pilates, is a boutique pilates studio in the heart of South Melbourne. Our Pilates studio focuses on giving you a tailored workout to meet your body’s needs.

Our reformer classes and clinical pilates circuits are for small groups of up to 1:7 ratio. Our classes ensure you have an individualised experience that focuses on technique, posture and core muscle strength whilst providing you with a total body work out.


Vicki White


Owner Instructor

Vicki started her Pilates journey over 15 years ago after experiencing significant back pain from years of horse riding. Vicki’s passion for Pilates led her to gain her Reformer Pilates Instructor certification, and then fulfil her dream of establishing a well-being focused Pilates Studio. During her nursing career she has specialised in staff injury prevention. Vicki’s classes are run holistically with your well-being as her focus.

APPI – Clinical Pilates Trained Instructor, APPI Global Member, & Certified Elixr Instructor.

Sarah Fornataro



Sarah was first introduced to Pilates 10 years ago while studying dance full time. Sarah loves how pilates can improve mobility, increase strength, reduce pain and prevent injury. The bonus is that pilates can also help decrease stress and improve concentration! Sarah is passionate about sharing pilates with the wider community and believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience the amazing benefits. Sarah’s classes are a place where anyone and everyone can feel comfortable and welcomed.

Completed:Certificate in Pilates Matwork Instruction (National Pilates Training) Training: Diploma of professional pilates Instruction (National Pilates Training)

Gaynor Carter



Gaynor first experienced the benefits of Pilates whilst training as a classical dancer finding that Pilates was a method of exercise that helped to lengthen, strengthen and tone the body.  Gaynor has an extensive background in Classical Ballet and Modern Theatre Dance. Gaynor also offers private or small group sessions and is very experienced with Pre & Post Natal Pilates.

Certified Elixr Teacher Trainer – Including Pre & Post Natal

Gee Molelekwa


Instructor & Osteopath

Gee uses a holistic, whole person and client centered approach to empower you to better health and well-being. Gee’s focus in classes is self-empowerment and to give you all the tools you need to move better and be free of pain.

BSc (Clin Sci), MHSc (Osteopathy), Dry needling
Osteopathy Clinic details: Osteo on Collins E – g​ee@osteooncollins.com

Jose Garcia


Instructor – 1:1 & Small groups

Jose has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years. He is a highly experienced and comprehensively trained Pilates instructor holding a National Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction. Jose specialises in personalising Pilates through individual sessions and duet sessions. He will create programs that caters to each individuals needs and goals.

Founder of Fixing Bodies Pilates & Fitness, Certified Elixr Teacher Trainer, Pilates Mentoring Master Program with, Lolita San Miguel, & completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science (Clinical Practice).


1:3 Small Group

Small group Pilates classes (1:3 ratio) offer sessions that are balanced and challenging targeting the whole body. They have a clinical Pilates focus, allowing for more of an emphasis on injury rehabilitation if required or a more specific tailored program to meet individuals personalised Pilates goals.


Pilates Circuit

The Pilates Circuits allow for individualised modifications throughout the session, and utilise a wide variety of equipment including the Pilates reformer, trapeze table, wunder chair, spine corrector, mat Pilates – roller, magic circle, small balls & weighted balls.

We offer a challenging workout that targets the whole body and is designed to focus on core strength, posture, flexibility and endurance – achieving a well-balanced workout for participants.


Reformer Flow

Reformer Flow builds on the foundations of our classic reformer classes, incorporating reformer, small equipment, mat and barre exercises. Flow through advanced pilates movements and sequences in a safe small group environment, with a more challenging series of exercises, creating more cardio elements and less rest periods.

*Not suitable for clients recovering from injuries or are pregnant and is recommended only for people with intermediate to advanced Pilates experience.


Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer classes offer a group class (1:7 ratio) that allows our instructors to deliver a work-out which can be tailored to all levels of ability, whilst keeping classes varied, engaging and challenging.


Mums & Bubs – Circuit

The Mums & Bubs Circuit allow for personalised modifications through out the session and utilise a range of equipment including the Pilates reformer, trapeze table, wunder chair, spine corrector and mat Pilates – roller, magic circle, small balls & weighted balls.

Sessions offer Mums a challenging workout that allows them to have Bubs near, we offer flexibility, aiming for all mums to have a chance to attend. If you are running late please still come along.


Standard casual, 5 class pass, 10 class pass and monthly class passes apply for these sessions, and can be used for reformer and Pilates circuit class also.
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